Instrument Care and Maintenance

Things to have in your case:

  • Soft cloth to wipe down instrument, and wipe off rosin residue
  • Pencil (never use a pen)
  • Rosin*
  • For violin & viola: Shoulder rest OR elastic + sponge
  • For cello & bass: Cello strap/puck/carpet/other*—to protect the end pin and floor

* Rosin, shoulder rests and cello straps/pucks are not provided by the Music Enrichment Program and need to be purchased separately.
Visit our Instrument Stores page for a list of recommended music stores which supply these items.

Instrument Care

  • Be responsible and respectful of your instrument. It is very fragile and expensive.
  • Hold instruments by the neck.  This is the strongest part of your instrument.
  • Place your instrument in its case when you’re not using it.
  • Wipe down the instrument after use with a soft cloth.  Pay special attention to the area around the bridge and wipe off any rosin residue.
  • Keep your instrument out of extreme heat and cold, out of the sun, and away from heaters and air conditioners.  Instruments like to stay at room temperature.
  • Never leave your instrument in the car unattended.  Always take it with you.

Bow Care

  • Never, ever touch the bow hair!  Always pick up and hold your bow at the frog.
  • Loosen your bow each time you put it away (lefty loosey, righty tighty).
  • You will need to rosin your bow, roughly once a week depending on how much you play.

Get Help!

  • If something looks funny, sounds funny, or feels funny, or if an accident happens with your instrument, tell your parents and your instructor.

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