Volunteer Opportunities

There are many ways to volunteer with the Music Enrichment Program!
Opportunities may include:

  • Attending monthly board meetings*
  • Serving on the E.S.P.A. Executive
  • Serving on an E.S.P.A. committee
  • Assisting with a move
  • Participating in a Casino or Bingo event
  • Assisting with Rental Instruments (pick ups, returns, check-ups)
  • Chaperoning students
  • Assisting at Concerts
  • Assisting with a fundraising activity

*monthly board meetings are generally held at 10:00 a.m. on the first Saturday of every month at the MEP office.


Through monetary donations, the Music Enrichment Program is able to continue providing affordable and accessible string music education to students and adults in the Greater Edmonton Area.
Donate directly to MEP, or give through our ongoing Fundscrip fundraiser.
Visit our DONATE page for more details.

Volunteer Activities

  1. Serve on the E.S.P.A. Executive.
  2. Actively serve on an E.S.P.A. Committee (website, advertising and publicity, fundraising, tour organization, accounting and finance, abuse, casino, telephone bank).
  3. Assist in the move of the M.E.P. rental instruments and library, if a move occurs.
  4. Chaperone students during a tour, seminar, workshop or festival.
  5. Participate as a bingo volunteer or a casino volunteer.
  6. Assist E.S.P.A. Executive at a concert, such as hosting and backstage work.
  7. Assist E.S.P.A. support staff in the receipt and distribution of rental instruments.
  8. Assist with a fundraising or promotional activity.
  9. Other volunteer activities as determined by the E.S.P.A. Executive.