Edmonton String Players Association is a volunteer run, non-profit organization and federally registered charity.  This means that the Music Enrichment Program is able to remain affordable and accessible to students across socio-economic borders.  Without the time and support of volunteers, the Music Enrichment Program would not be able to continue. Thank you to all of those who volunteered their time in various ways throughout the last season!

The Volunteer Deposit for the 2020/21 season is $300 per family.
Deposit must be received in the form of a cheque, post-dated to June 15 2021, and made payable to the Edmonton String Players Association.
Your cheque will be returned to you upon completion of the following requirements;

• attendance of one (1) 2021 Casino Shift
• attendance of one (1) ESPA Meeting
• helping set up, take down and sanitize at rehearsals*

* Approximately 1-2 volunteers would be needed per week to help with set up and take down chairs/stands as well as ensure that Members sanitize their hands upon entering (and after the break). Other tasks include sanitizing music stands, encouraging members to distance themselves during breaks, distributing music scores, etc. More information will be announced prior to the Season start date of Sept. 17th, 2020.

If you have any questions or concerns please contact the Registrar


  1. Serve on the E.S.P.A. Executive.
  2. Actively serve on an E.S.P.A. Committee (website, advertising and publicity, fundraising, tour organization, accounting and finance, abuse, casino, telephone bank).
  3. Assist in the move of the M.E.P. rental instruments and library, if a move occurs.
  4. Chaperone students during a tour, seminar, workshop or festival.
  5. Participate as a bingo volunteer or a casino volunteer.
  6. Assist E.S.P.A. Executive at a concert, such as hosting and backstage work.
  7. Assist E.S.P.A. support staff in the receipt and distribution of rental instruments.
  8. Assist with a fundraising or promotional activity.
  9. Other volunteer activities as determined by the E.S.P.A. Executive.